Lyme Disease

Have you been diagnosed with Lyme and are unable to find solutions? Did you know that Lyme is an infection and can impact many other chronic illnesses or disorders?

We find that many of our patients come to use for an issue like a dysfunctioning thyroid and we discover that an ongoing and often hidden Lyme infection is actually the cause of their problems.

Are you wondering if Lyme might be the cause of your chronic health disorders? Let’s start the conversation and find relief from the impacts of Lyme. Dr. Erica’s here to share more about Lyme in the video below.

A Lyme Story with a Happy Ending

Please take a moment to listen to Betsy tell her story of finding relief from working with us. Her story– and her hard work in finding relief– inspire us and we know you’ll think the same.

In just 4 months of working with us, she’s found substantial relief from a 2 year battle with Lyme and has regained her health in ways she didn’t realize were possible.

Our passion is helping our patients restore the life that they once knew– a life that Lyme has made difficult for them. We’d love to have the conversation with you about we can support your restorative journey. Our in-depth initial appointment with Dr. Erica is a $200 investment in your health. She’ll do a deep medical history intake and you’ll have a conversation about the impacts of Lyme on your health, the effects on other aspects of your health and how we can help you find relief.Please fill out the form below and we’ll be in touch with you as soon as possible!

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