1000 Stem Cell patients later... this is what we know!There is a reason why many people consider the use of stem cells to be the biggest modern medical advancement since the antibiotic. We have now served over 1000 patients in our clinic and have witnessed some incredible things on many levels. All using the most cutting-edge regenerative therapies on the planet.

As far as we see it, there has been three generations of stem cell therapy. In the beginning (first generation stem cell therapy) was an autologous process. In other words, we were using our own stem cells. It made sense. We would take them out of our bone marrow and fat, and re-inject them back into our “bad knee” or “bad back”.

But as science continued to evolve this field, we quickly learned that at about 35 years of age, we gradually start experiencing the telling signs and symptoms of old age: poor concentration, memory loss, fatigue, aches and pains, mood swings, loss of hair, wrinkles, age spots, reduced sex drive, and frailty. A significant amount of these changes happens due to a depletion of the cells responsible for repairing ourselves… our stem cells.

As we age, our body’s cells eventually die after becoming progressively damaged over time. This aging process, however, can be reversed or at least delayed by replenishing the aging stem cells with younger and fresher stem cells (second generation stem cell therapy). This was mainly demonstrated with the use of cord blood or the umbilical cord Wharton’s Jelly.

Now, science has proved yet another incredible breakthrough. We used to think that the stem cell excretions were simply waste byproduct and yielded no purpose. We now know that this in completely wrong. Those excretions are what’s called exosomes or “transport carriers”. Think of exosomes as little bubbles that carry the powerful message released by stem cells to promote and influence tissue healing and regeneration.

Stem cells don’t actually turn into tissue. They release exosomes that tell your own tissues to repair itself. We call that the paracrine effect. A huge breakthrough!

But why? Because now we have the ability to solely use the stem cell exosome rather than the entire stem cell itself (third generation stem cell therapy). The exosomes are 1000th the size of the cell, contains all the growth factors we need, and no DNA. This is now considered the purest and safest form of stem cell therapy. 

Not only can we use exosomes for joint degeneration and other illnesses but we can also use them for anti-aging aesthetics from facials to hair restoration. Stem cells and more specifically stem cell exosomes are truly “the power that heals the body” from aging and degeneration.

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