Chronic knee pain is one of the most common ailments that pain clinic specialists see. And while some patients may experience mild pain or pain in short increments, others are plagued with chronic knee swelling and may even become unable to walk.

Next to chronic back pain, knee problems are some of the most debilitatingly painful conditions. And while these types of joint pains are most commonly associated with aging adults, they can affect anyone at just about any age.

Chronic knee pain isn’t just physically damaging, the pain can also have other affects on your mental health.

  1. Sleep: Pain can severely disrupt the normal sleep cycle. While of course the discomfort can make it hard to fall asleep, the lasting effects of sleeplessness can be damaging. Pain affects our sensory stimulation, which controls our internal clocks. When this part of the brain shrinks, it is difficult for a person to both fall asleep and remain alert.
  2. Anxiety:
    Anxiety can also come along with chronic pain. Those who suffer from chronic pain have reduced brain activity where one normally responds to pain, which causes them to have no control over their brain signals. Since these sufferers anticipate episodes of chronic pain more frequently, they become anxious.
  3. Depression:
    About 77% of people who have chronic pain report feelings of depression. Similar to the patterns leading to anxiety, the significantly reduced pain control by the brain causes an increase in emotional reactions for pain and discomfort. This is often why chronic pain is unreceptive to Western medicine, leaving many sufferers feeling hopeless. The lack of treatment can often deepen and contribute to the existing depression.

In these extremely severe cases, many doctors will say that medicine and surgery are the only pain management options available. However, this is far from true. Wellness-based health practices like the Brain & Body Health Center focuses on more holistic, non-drug treatments that improve overall vitality, where Western medicine usually fails.

Chronic knee pain plagues a number of people, worsening every day. The Brain & Body Health Center offers the following services to provide relief:

  • High Level Robotic Laser Therapy
  • Knee alignments/decompression
  • Trigenics Non-Surgical Therapy
  • Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy
  • Sacroiliac work

Don’t let doctors tell you that surgery is you only hope. Make an appointment to be evaluated by our team of doctors today.