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Why Aesthetics w/ Brain & Body?

Minimally Invasive

At Brian & Body, we use minimally invasive cosmetic procedures to enhance the appearance and overall sense of personal satisfaction for our patients. The difference between medical aesthetics and plastic surgery is that we are not confined to just dermatologists and plastic surgeons, but rather practitioners of many specialties. They then collectively use their particular expertise and skill set to assess and treat the individual needs of each patient.


Physical and Mental Benefits

Procedures can be for the treatment of scars, wrinkles, spider veins, excess fat, cellulite, and unwanted hair, just to name a few. It’s a growing belief that patients who elect to participate in aesthetic medicine experience an improvement in the quality of their lives. Patients also experience psychological improvements and increased sense of social belonging. The demand to feel good about our lives is what’s driving the aesthetics medicine field. Patients want to experience an enhanced state of well-being that is obtainable in large part due to the changes made possible from aesthetic medicine procedures.

These procedures all have the ability to transform patients who are already in excellent health into a state of rejuvenation that helps manage the normal effects of aging. The Brain & Body Aesthetics team provides one-on-one personalized care that discusses all your available options to achieve the desired results each and every time using only the latest techniques and minimally invasive procedures available. The goal is to give you the desired look and feel without compromising your natural look, only enhancing it.

What is Micro Needling w/ PRP?

For the process to work, it is best repeated about three times over three months. The skin is tricked to feel like it has been injured and as a result, has heal fast by producing fresh tissue. You will start to see the results within few days, and after about two months, your skin looks fresh and rejuvenated.

Some of the things that can be treated includes acne scarring, dark lines around the eyes and the mouth, dull or gray skin and sunburned skin. Taking care of your skin after PRP therapy is crucial. You need to hydrate and protect your face from sun burns.

The best thing about PRP therapy is that it comes from your body. For this reason, any person is fit for this treatment. However, it is not suitable for individuals with blood complications like blood cancer or anemia. Book your appointment today to enhance your appearance by getting this amazing treatment done, it is a natural solution to many skin common issues.

With age, the skin does not get an adequate amount of moisture. Collagen and elastin levels drop causing dynamic wrinkles which, in time, turn into static wrinkles. Eventually the skin starts to sag because it can no longer bounce back

Lifestyle choices and genetics cause skin aging. Lifestyle choices- like the sun exposure, smoking, alcohol use, diet, and stress, can cause brown spots, rough wrinkles, and wrinkles, as well as the premature onset and progression of aging. Genetics-affect all layers of the skin and contribute to thinning, dryness, and loss of elasticity of the skin during the aging process.

That’s how the PRP therapy can help with increased discoloration, brown spots, rough texture, inflamed skin, and loss of moisture and collagen.

How It Works?

It starts with consultation

Preparation of the treatment area by doing a thorough cleaning and applying a light numbing agent (cream or ointment) is applied to a patient’s face or other treatment area before treatment.
Marking the sectors that need treatment. The marks can be made with a pencil that is easy to wipe.
Drawing of blood – Your personal practitioner will take about two syringes of blood from your arm. The vials are then sealed, ready for the next step which takes place directly afterwards in our clinic (there is no middle man handling your blood).
The blood sample is then placed in a centrifuge (a machine that places an object in rotation around a fixed axis). The machine isolates the platelets, forming the platelet-rich plasma (PRP) concentration. This boosts the release of growth factors and increases collagen production once re-injected in the body.

A light numbing agent is applied to the face prior to treatment.

A practitioner will then gently glide the device over the area to be treated, in order to penetrate the outer layers of the skin (epidermis), approximately 2mm deep. It is this needling and the depth of it that results in the redness and swelling of the skin, which will require a handful of days to normalise (although any inflammation and swelling experienced is generally mild).

The process of needling before applying the serum activates the build-up of collagen beneath the skin being treated. The stimulation of collagen quickly improves fine lines, skin texture and scars, priming the treatment area for the next step.

We utilize the first FDA cleared microneedling device on the market.


The areas being treated (face, neck, décolletage etc. which can all be safely done in one session if desired) will be coated with the now developed PRP concentration, back into the skin.

The growth factors get to work quickly, stimulating multi-potent stem cells which already exist in the skin. This ‘tricks’ the cells into ‘thinking’ the skin surface is injured (triggering an acceleration of the healing cascade) and the generation of new tissue. The skin responds to this acceleration action by plumping up and thickening, getting to work on those wrinkles, lines or scars.

Skin will begin to feel tighter shortly after the session as its texture, colour and tone start to adjust. Skin will feel softer too and will progressively improve in the weeks to come.

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