Being an athlete can be very rewarding yet can come with unexpected drawbacks

Athletes are relying on the full potential of their athletic ability to fulfill their dreams. When an injury occurs they’re left waiting in examination rooms, doctors offices, MRI screenings hoping to get a second, third, even fourth opinion from someone who will ensure them they can play again.

We’ve seen athletes lose their entire career due to an injury. After they come back from a surgery they just don’t function the same way. The surgery left them with less mobility than they used to have and now instead of bringing their A-game it’s more like their C-game. Eventually fans, teams, and scouts lose interest in them and they fade from our every day thoughts.

Ever wonder how athletes bounce back so quickly these days?

You would be surprised how many athletes are choosing regenerative medicine and stem cells more often than not. We’ve personally seen it in our clinic from MMA fighters to bodybuilders to baseball players to track stars. Minimizing recovery time is the name of the game when an athlete is facing an injury. Regenerative medicine can offer just that.

Any athlete can be a potential candidate for these therapies. Football, soccer, track, tri-athletes, cross fitters, even those maniacs who compete in iron mans. Like we mentioned briefly above. Surgeries leave these athletes recovering for up to 12 months, never really knowing when they’ll be at their best again. Athletes that have chosen to go the regenerative route are seeing results in as little as six weeks. Recovery time like that makes all the difference for their professional careers.

What about the “average Joe”?

With many world class athletes opting to go the regenerative route, it makes you wonder if the “average Joe” could get results from treatments like these. From those involved in vigorous activity and exercise to even those who lead normal lives. Those who have aged and damage joints that come from the everyday wear and tear of life. These people who may have suffered injuries that, through no fault of their own, have left them wanting more out of life.

If this sounds like you, contact us below for an evaluation. You might be off your couch and out your front door sooner than you think.

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