Back & Neck Pain in Winchester

Providing cutting-edge non-surgical options to avoid the operating table and get back to enjoying life again.

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More than 90 percent of people experience back pain or neck pain at some point in their lives. Unfortunately, many people do nothing about it and suffer from symptoms that often worsen if left untreated. The team at Brain and Body can usually determine the factors contributing to the problem, relieve the pain, and resolve the situation.

Back pain or neck pain can be caused by work tasks, habitual postures, or overuse. More obviously, the pain may result in a serious injury such as a fall or other accident. Sometimes, a spinal problem can cause pain to radiate to the arms, legs, or head. Spinal issues can result in a loss in productivity at home and work and keep you from doing the things you love.

Back & Neck Pain in Winchester, VA

Many physicians will recommend surgeries or heavy doses of medication to deal with these causes of back pain. However, most people who suffer from back pain don’t want to take extended time off work for surgeries or rely on long-term drug plans. Here at Brain and Body, we focus on drug free non-surgical intervention to assist you in healing from back and neck issues.

Brain and Body’s treatment for back pain and neck pain focuses on the structures that support the spine and its joints, including muscles, tendons, and ligaments. The general approach is to reduce pain and stiffness, strengthen muscles and restore mobility.

Our medical team will perform an examination to determine the factors contributing to your back pain or neck pain. They will create a customized treatment plan for your individual needs to decrease pain, increase flexibility, improve strength, and ultimately restore skilled function.


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The specific treatment is individualized for each patient, dependent on the outcome of the evaluation and ongoing spinal assessment as treatment progresses. The overall goal is to return to normal function.


The Risks You Take. Is It Worth It?

Our Integrative Medicine approach presents a non-surgical approach to correct back and neck conditions that otherwise usually need surgery. The recovery is faster and the risks are really low. Let’s have a look at a comparison between surgery and integrative medicine:

  • Blood Clots: No
  • Dislocations: No
  • Foreign Prosthetic: No
  • Fractures: No
  • Hospital Stays: No
  • Infections: No
  • Joint Stiffening: Minimal Discomfort
  • Leg Length Change: No
  • Ligament Damage: No
  • Lost Time At Work: 2-3 days if needed
  • Nerve Damage: No
  • Prosthetic Breakdown: No
  • Recovery: Back to normal after a few days
  • Resurgery: No
  • Blood Clots: Possible
  • Dislocations: Possible
  • Foreign Prosthetic: Yes
  • Fractures: Possible
  • Hospital Stays: 3-10 days
  • Infections: Possible
  • Joint Stiffening: Possible
  • Leg Length Change: Possible
  • Ligament Damage: Possible
  • Lost Time At Work: 3 months – 1 year
  • Nerve Damage: Possible
  • Prosthetic Breakdown: Yes
  • Recovery: 3 month period of no walking
  • Resurgery: Possible – Very Likely