how to get into a pain clinic Has your chronic pain been a major upset for your productivity and family life? Are you considering alternate treatments or visiting a pain clinic? Despite the fact that 59% of chronic pain sufferers reported that their condition had a significant impact on their overall enjoyment of life, many believe that they have no choice but to live with the pain. Others are under the impression that surgery or potentially dangerous medications are the only other options at their disposal.

Fortunately, if you suffer from chronic pain, there’s a good chance that the Brain and Body Health Center specializes in the very conditions from which you are suffering. Here are just three of the chronic pain conditions that we can diagnose and treat at our Winchester pain clinic:

Migraines and Chronic Headaches

Chronic migraines, cluster headaches, and other types of persistent head pain can severely impact your routine and quality of life. Although the causes of chronic tension headaches and migraines are wide ranging and somewhat mysterious, we do have effective treatments for them. Causes may be attributed to anything from poor sleeping habits to food and chemical sensitivities and high levels of stress. We’ll perform appropriate testing to definitively diagnose the problem. We’ll then use a combination of both neurological and metabolic care to alleviate your symptoms.

Chronic Back Pain

The most common chronic back pain causes include improper technique during lifting, physical injury, weak core musculature, or underlying spinal issues. We consider surgery to be a last resort, as results tend to be mixed and many patients don’t find relief under the knife. We customize treatment depending on the cause of your chronic pain, as well as its severity. While physicians are quick to dole out addictive pain medicines, we take a different approach. Namely, our chronic back pain treatment involves focusing on mesencephalic output. The mesencephalon is located in the upper part of a patient’s brain stem and may contribute to pain levels by increasing pulse and heart rate, impacting sleep, or having an effect on cerebellum function. We strive to treat all causes of chronic back pain through exercises and other holistic methodology.

Chronic Knee Pain

Chronic knee pain can be deceptively complicated. We get a lot of patients who have been told that surgery is their only real option for relief. But in reality, surgery may not be the best course of option. Though it can help in some cases, it may not always target the real source of the problem. Certain chronic knee pain can be helped by laser therapy, knee alignments, electromagnetic field therapy, sacroiliac work, or other non-surgical options. Our mission is to help you avoid surgery, improve motion and stability, and to decrease or eliminate pain through our program.

Knowing how to get into a pain clinic is the first step to relieving your chronic pain. Simply contact us today to set up a consultation. Let us help you get your life back on track, finally free of chronic pain.