In this post, we’re going to explore a series of videos by Dr. Evan that addresses the many layers of dysglycemia. Diabetes is impacting our society at epidemic proportions and we need to better understand the indicators and sources of this disease so we can begin to reverse the impacts of diabetes.

 Part 1: Dysglycemia & Blood Glucose Levels

Why you NEED to know about dysglycemia! Diabetes cost this country over 245 BILLION DOLLARS every year! Lets increase our awareness of what healthy glucose levels really are!

 Part 2: Glucose Metabolism and Insulin Resistance

How glucose metabolism actually works and the true mechanism of insulin resistance at the cellular level.

Part 3: Impacts of Insulin Resistance

Impacts of insulin resistance goes far beyond worrying about blood glucose. Dr. Evan explains how insulin resistance can effect your blood pressure and cholesterol.

Part 4: Metabolic Patterns of Dysglycemia

Dr. Evan breaks down some common blood markers you will find and their subsequent relationship with dysglycemia. This can give you more awareness in identifying patterns of dysfunction.

Part 5: Liver, NAFLD, and Dysglycemia

We hope this video series has shed some light on the many nuances of dysglycemia and why it matter so much to understand how to interpret your blood work, begin to identify the points of dysfunction in the body and get your insulin under control before it’s too late.

We’d love to help you better understand this complex topic and help you make the shift towards controlling your insulin and regaining your health. Please contact us using the form below and let’s begin the conversation.