Frequently Asked Questions

Stem Cell Therapy is on the cutting-edge of regenerative medicine and fairly new to many people. We’ve taken the top questions we’re asked by patients and compiled them here for your reference.

Why do we use cord derived stem cells rather than autologous stem cells?

Studies have shown that these cells work better. Our cells in our bodies age as we age and younger cells can be more effective.

Are stem cells safe?

Yes, stem cells are immuno-privileged which means they will not cause an adverse reaction or rejection to the body. There are no known side effects!

Is there any transfer of DNA from the stem cell product into the receiving patient?

No, a process called cell fusion would be required and this process is not observed in multi-potent mesenchymal stem cells.

Is donor and host tissue matching required?

Stem cells from another person (allogenic) cells are naive and are not recognized by the host immune system as foreign.

Are there contraindications to regenerative cellular treatment?

Yes, patient should not have any active form of cancer.

How do stem cells know where to go and what to grow?

When our tissue is damaged it gives off things called Cytokines. Cytokines act like little beacons to attract the stem cells to that tissue. In fact, we have heard of numerous instances when a patient has a Stem Cell procedure done and another area of their body also heals.

FAQS Continued

Just a few more answers for you!

At what point should a patient explore this option, and when is it too late?

The great news is that our research shows that is never too late. Most chronic pain conditions slowly get worse over time, not better. For this reason, we encourage patients not to continue to suffer and come and have their problem treated to get them out of the suffering and pain. We have treated patients from 18 -102 years old and had the same great outcomes. Age does not seem to matter when it comes to stem cell therapy.

What is the difference between Stem Cell Therapy and other treatments such as replacements, joint resurfacing, etc?

The biggest difference is that this treatment can be “curative” in nature. Every other type of drug or treatment is “masking” the symptoms. The most obvious difference is safety of this treatment versus anything else.

  • You are not in a hospital subjected to “super germs”
  • There is no risky surgery being done or anesthesia.
  • There is no six weeks of bed rest or “light duty”.
  • Our procedure takes less than a half hour and is done in our clinic.

Note: It is recommended that you take it easy for 2 days after the procedure.

How long do results last for?

As long as the root cause of your problem is addressed your healing should be long term. Because stem cell therapy is still a fairly new treatment, research shows that results can last up to and beyond five years. There are many variables that determine how long the results of a stem cell injection will last for. Results will also vary from person to person and depend on a variety of factors including, diet, exercise, lifestyle choices, etc…

How much does it cost and is it covered by health insurance?

Cost depends on a patient’s specific problem, the number of joints/problems treated, and the amount of stem cells needed. Unfortunately, insurance does not cover Stem Cell Therapy at this time.

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