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Restoring Hair Growth Naturally

Millions of men and women of all ages long to return to the days when they had copious amounts of hair. From implants to toupees to various chemical applications, men and women are eager to embrace topical medicines and surgical procedures that promise to restore hair to its youthful volume and abundance. However, thanks to advances in medical science and technology, men and women now have safe, non-surgical alternatives such as combining Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) and Exosomes from Stem Cells, which provide long-lasting results.

Hair Restoration

Exosomes are known for their self-renewing properties and are responsible for many traits of stem cells. The micro vessels are deemed one of the purest forms of cellular therapy that is available today because they are responsible for signaling healing and regenerative cell responses.

Platelet-rich plasma contain hundreds of “growth factors,” which are proteins that play a vital role in the body’s natural healing process. After drawing your blood we are able to get this highly concentrated form of platelets and growth factors by spinning your blood down in a centrifuge.

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We provide non-surgical hair restoration and offer exosomes derived from Mesenchymal Stem Cells (MSC’s). Our product has a vast array of regenerative components including exosomes, growth factors, micro RNA and more which may help to restore hair growth when combined with Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP). This procedure has been shown to stimulate the regeneration of new hair growth.

Hair Restoration Procedure

How does it work? Exosomes and growth factors combined with Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) as a treatment for hair loss has shown prominent hair growth results in both men and women. It is highly recommeneded for those who are too young for hair transplant surgery and for those within the earlier stages of the hair loss cycle. Stem Cell Hair Restoration Therapy may begin promoting natural hair growth in as little as two to three months.

What To Expect? Most patients notice natural hair growth in as little as two to three months after their procedure. New hair growth may continue over the course of a year, with the most noticeable results usually seen six months after treatment has been administered. The new hair growth can provide patients with natural, thicker hair and fuller results. The best results are seen when stem cell derived exosomes are combined with the patient’s own platelet rich plasma.

Hair Restoration

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