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Providing cutting-edge non-surgical options to avoid the operating table and get back to enjoying life again.

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Hip pain can make even the simplest of tasks an unbearably painful chore.

The hips and knees support your body weight for walking and moving about, providing stability and mobility. Injury, arthritic change, or general pain at the hips or knees can keep your joints from working normally and limit your ability to function in life.

Hip pain can also result in a lack of mobility, muscle weakness, the inability to bear weight, and difficulty rising from a chair.

Whatever your hip pain symptoms are, Brain and Body has the all-natural, effective pain relief options that can help you move the way you want to.

Hip Pain in Winchester, VA

Ligament Sprain, Strain, or Tear – Hip pain often feels like a constant dull ache and can be located in the front, back, side of the hip, lower back, or the buttocks.

We provide physical medicine treatments as well as state-of-the-art injections performed under precision imaging guidance. We are dedicated to patients who feel as though they are out of options, and that’s why we offer an array of treatments targeted at the root cause or the underlying mechanism that traditional western medicine struggles to define, diagnose, and treat.


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The Risks You Take. Is It Worth It?

Our Integrative Medicine approach presents a non-surgical approach to correct back and neck conditions that otherwise usually need surgery. The recovery is faster and the risks are really low. Let’s have a look at a comparison between surgery and integrative medicine:

  • Blood Clots: No
  • Dislocations: No
  • Foreign Prosthetic: No
  • Fractures: No
  • Hospital Stays: No
  • Infections: No
  • Joint Stiffening: Minimal Discomfort
  • Leg Length Change: No
  • Ligament Damage: No
  • Lost Time At Work: 2-3 days if needed
  • Nerve Damage: No
  • Prosthetic Breakdown: No
  • Recovery: Back to normal after a few days
  • Resurgery: No
  • Blood Clots: Possible
  • Dislocations: Possible
  • Foreign Prosthetic: Yes
  • Fractures: Possible
  • Hospital Stays: 3-10 days
  • Infections: Possible
  • Joint Stiffening: Possible
  • Leg Length Change: Possible
  • Ligament Damage: Possible
  • Lost Time At Work: 3 months – 1 year
  • Nerve Damage: Possible
  • Prosthetic Breakdown: Yes
  • Recovery: 3 month period of no walking
  • Resurgery: Possible – Very Likely