It’s no surprise that so many medical practices, especially regenerative ones, differ in the way they operate. Is Brain & Body "Just Another" Stem Cell Clinic?

This isn’t inherently bad, as all regenerative products have the ability to produce life changing results but it can cause confusion for potential patients. Instead of easily picking out a clinic that suits your needs your left sorting through dozens of clinics and options. At the end of the day, you’re exhausted. You’d rather just keep living with the condition you have than spend another minute deciphering medical jargon on Google. We don’t blame you. That’s why when it came to Brain & Body, we decided to do things differently.

Our Approach

Being a chronic condition center, we decided to build an entire method around the fact that every patient is unique and different in their own way. There is absolutely nothing “cookie-cutter” about it. Each patient is treated in a unique and holistic manner. We’ve had patients travel all over the country and even from outside the US to receive care because they want something that was designed specifically for them. And not something that was designed for everyone as a “one-sized-fits-all” approach.

We evaluate not just your complaint and your goals, but we also must analyze your life and lifestyle. This allows the patient to achieve a better outcome. From there we can find the best approach for you. Even if that best approach is something OTHER than regenerative therapy. We call this addressing the “root-cause”. We avoid the trap of symptom management. The question we must ask ourselves is “why” are we suffering with x, y, z?

You would be shocked how many patients who are dealing with a degenerative condition are also simultaneously dealing with a functional deficit as well. Which is typically isolated through lifestyle, i.e., diet, biomechanics, weight, and overuse just to name a few.

Our Process

It’s easy for practices to give you a vague approach or method just to get you through their front doors. We like to be much more transparent than that which is why we’re going to breakdown our entire process for you. We take a regenerative and functional approach to every case in our clinic to address the “root cause” of disease for sustainable health, healing, and happiness.

Our Method

  1. You will first receive a detailed evaluation. This could include an orthopedic, metabolic, and/or neurological assessment and review of any necessary imaging and reports.
  2. A custom treatment program is crafted based on the unique patient, condition and desired outcome.
  3. Selection of the most appropriate regenerative medicine modality custom to the patient.
  4. Ultrasound guidance is used for precise targeting if necessary.
  5. Customized home treatment programs when needed.
  6. Metabolic support including dietary recommendations and supplementation.
  7. Multiple follow-up visits with nutritional IV or booster injections when needed.

This step by step process allows us to provide you with a completely custom approach to your care. It doesn’t matter if you’re young or old, if you were in a car accident or suffer from arthritis. We’ll find what works for you. If you are interested in taking the next steps to better quality of life you can call us today (540) 678-1212 or request a consultation here =>