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Knee pain is one of the top reasons for doctor visits in the US. While the pain and soreness often can go away with rest, ice, and over-the-counter pain medications, if it becomes too severe or fails to abate in a timely manner, you may need to take further action. 

Due to advances in medical technology, we are offering cutting-edge and state-of-the-art regenerative treatments for all of our patients. From medicare covered synovial fluid stimulating viscosupplementation to regenerative medicine including stem cells.


If you have crippling pain or stiffness in your knee, you know just how much it can limit your daily routine. Our ultimate goal is to help our patients get their lives back again. We want to see our patients doing what they love most once again and enjoying the life they’ve worked so hard to achieve.

Many patients who come into our clinic are trying to avoid:

  • Endless cortisone shots
  • Dangerous medication
  • Painful or ineffective knee replacement surgery.

Medicare Covered Treatment for Knee Arthritis

As a leading medical facility for knee pain relief, we are constantly evolving to provide the most cutting-edge treatments. One form of treatment is viscosupplementation which helps to stimulate your knees to produce their own natural fluid for long-term benefits and relief.

And the best part? This new treatment method is covered by Medicare Health Insurance. Hundreds of patients have already found relief using our newly developed method.

We enhance lubricating injections by performing these procedures under precision imaging guidance. This method ensures that we target the right location.


The Risks You Take. Is It Worth It?

Regenerative Medicine presents a non-surgical approach to correct knee conditions that otherwise usually need knee surgery. The recovery is faster and the risks are really low. Let’s have a look at a comparison between surgery and regenerative medicine:

  • Blood Clots: No
  • Dislocations: No
  • Foreign Prosthetic: No
  • Fractures: No
  • Hospital Stays: No
  • Infections: No
  • Joint Stiffening: Minimal Discomfort
  • Leg Length Change: No
  • Ligament Damage: No
  • Lost Time At Work: 2-3 days if needed
  • Nerve Damage: No
  • Prosthetic Breakdown: No
  • Recovery: Back to normal after a few days
  • Resurgery: No
  • Blood Clots: Possible
  • Dislocations: Possible
  • Foreign Prosthetic: Yes
  • Fractures: Possible
  • Hospital Stays: 3-10 days
  • Infections: Possible
  • Joint Stiffening: Possible
  • Leg Length Change: Possible
  • Ligament Damage: Possible
  • Lost Time At Work: 3 months – 1 year
  • Nerve Damage: Possible
  • Prosthetic Breakdown: Yes
  • Recovery: 3 month period of no walking
  • Resurgery: Possible – Very Likely

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