If you suffer with painful knee arthritis, this blog may be extremely important to you.

Here is why: If you are like most seniors… you worked hard your whole life. You sacrificed. You did without. You paid your dues. You may have even fought for your county.

Now it’s time to focus on getting a little back. It’s time for YOU.

It’s time to take a step back and enjoy the life you’ve worked so hard to build and get back to doing all the things you deserve.

But retirement came with one BIG PROBLEM you may have not anticipated. For many, the pain and agony of knee arthritis has destroyed their so-called “golden years”. Let me tell you two things that are abundantly clear… it’s not fair and it’s not your fault!

And we know it’s not the way you imagined life would be. Well thank goodness…

Due to advances in medical technology and treatments, seniors right here in Winchester are now reducing pain, returning to the activities they love… and getting to live the REAL retirement dream.

For many, knee arthritis pain has already become a thing of the past!

One such medical advancement for chronic knee pain is called viscosupplementation. This exciting new option has already helped so many in the Winchester are for three very important reasons:

Reason #1: It Works

Viscosupplementation is an advanced medical treatment where a highly skilled practitioner puts a special FDA-approved lubricating medicine directly into the knee joint.

These lubricating and cushioning substances are naturally occurring, but cleared by the FDA to make sure you get the highest quality treatment. Recent research shows that viscosupplementation can also assist in helping the cartilage in your knees regenerate and repair!

See Figure 1 for degenerative alterations of the knee joint.

This is NOT an over-the-counter vitamin or supplement, but an advanced medical procedure.

It is not uncommon to relieve pain and stiffness in the knees in just a few weeks, and the results often last for 6-12 months, or even longer. One study found that 2 years after having these injections 82% of patients were able to avoid total knee replacement surgery!

Reason #2: Pinpoint Accuracy of the Injections

Our medical staff is helping hundreds of patients find relief from chronic knee pain by targeting injections with precision accuracy to insure optimal results.

We combine the lubricating viscosupplementation injections with advanced ultrasound guided imaging that allows us to watch your joints move in real time, helping to pinpoint your problem. This technology allows our medical staff to see inside the arthritic knee joint and deliver the cushioning gel medicine EXACTLY where it needs to be. The added benefit is that this also allows the procedure to be virtually painless.

Research has shown that if injections are performed into the knee joint without this type of image guidance that the injection might miss the right location up to 25% of the time. With the technology used at the Brain & Body Health Center, no expense has been spared to avoid total knee replacement surgery!

Reason #3: Viscosupplementation is Covered by Medicare

Medical care can be expensive, and sadly that cost often keeps seniors on a fixed income from getting the treatment they desperately need.

The good news is that the viscosupplementation treatments offered at Brain & Body are covered by Medicare!

This has allowed countless patients with knee pain right here in Winchester the opportunity to get the best state of the art care without draining their life’s savings they’ve worked so hard for.

That’s why we are offering a special knee pain consultation that is open to anyone in the region with knee pain who would like to see if the advanced medical procedures discussed here can help you.

This complimentary consultation is no obligation and allows the medical staff to determine if you are a candidate for this treatment.

Give us a call today at 540-678-1212 if you are interested to see if you qualify for this treatment. You deserve it and we’re here for you.