Finding long-lasting relief from the painful impacts of neuropathy takes a specialized approach. Discover how our regenerative care program can activate your body’s healing process!

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What is Peripheral Neuropathy?

Peripheral neuropathy occurs when the nerves of the hands and feet are damaged, with the most common nerve pain affecting the feet.

More than 100 types of peripheral neuropathies have been identified, and each type has its own unique symptoms and progression. Neuropathy symptoms usually begin with pain in the toes or feet, with the pain spreading up the legs over time.

Neuropathy is quickly becoming one of the most common chronic diseases in the United States. In fact 8% of US population, or about 24 million people suffer from peripheral neuropathy.

We are aware that nerve regeneration is complex — there is no one-size-fits-all treatment. Our elite team of friendly and knowledgeable neuropathy practitioners takes a specialized approach to nerve restoration, combining proprietary, state-of-the-art technologies with advanced alternatives and FDA-cleared treatments for peripheral nerve disease. This specialized care for neuropathic pain naturally heals and regenerates the nerves, even in the most severe cases.

A Progressive Disease

Common Dysfunctional Nerve Symptoms

  • Burning pain
  • Sharp electrical pain
  • Aching
  • Cramping
  • Numbness
  • Tingling
  • Difficulty walking
  • Loss of balance
  • Symptoms traveling up the legs over time
  • Pain that is worse at night

Neuropathy only gets worse over time. Diabetes is the number one cause of neuropathy, but is not the only cause. A lot of things can damage a nerve and can cause neuropathy damage. You can be a pre-diabetic and still develop neuropathy. Number two on the list is poor circulation. If you are not getting proper blood flow to your peripheral nerves, neuropathy can develop. Number three is chemotherapy drugs.

About 40% to 50% of all chemo patients end up with neuropathy because the medication has damaged their nerves. Neck and back problems like spinal stenosis, disc problems, surgeries, hip and knee replacements often lead to neuropathy.

Auto immune diseases like lupus, infections like staph infections, alcohol and cigarette smoking can all damage nerves.

One of the newest issues is that many medications on the market can cause damage to the nerves! Doctors are giving patients medications to help one problem, and at the same time, causing the patient to incur a whole new problem.

If you’re ready to experience long lasting relief from your neuropathy, without the use of dangerous drugs or surgeries, call us at 540-678-1212 or fill out an appointment request by clicking this link now!

Why Wait to Restore Your Health?

Our patients have a multitude of questions when beginning their regenerative medicine journey. We’ve taken our most frequent ones and answered them!  

What is the BIG idea with Regenerative Medicine?
  • We’re using advanced regenerative therapeutics & techniques to help restore function and heal the body faster with no limits to age. Our regenerative programs have the potential to work in anyone. For people who have limitations in their quality of life.
  • Who suffer from a chronic quality of life limiting problem.
  • Who are frustrated with their current treatments, the answers they have been given and they are looking to improve their quality of life.
  • Our regenerative programs are aimed to address the “WHY” you have the condition, not the symptoms produced!
Why do we use cord derived stem cells rather than autologous stem cells?

Studies and results have shown that younger cells work much better than our older cells do. Our cells in our bodies age as we age and younger cells can be more effective. This explains why recovery is much harder the older we get.

At what point should a patient explore this option, and when is it too late?

The great news is that our research shows that it’s never too late. Most chronic pain conditions slowly get worse over time, not better. And neuropathy is a progressive disease. For this reason, we encourage patients not to continue to suffer and come and have their problem treated to get them out of the suffering and pain. We have treated patients from 18 -102 years old and had the same great outcomes. Age does not seem to matter when it comes to regenerative medicine.

Why the time is NOW!?
  • Regenerative therapies right now are at a cost that is affordable to most people even those on a fixed income.
  • Healthcare financing companies are offering fantastic programs for those of all income levels.
  • In many cases, this therapy is cheaper than the OOP expenses for a knee or hip replacement surgery.
  • The technology involved in Regenerative Medicine is better than it has ever been and for the time being, at a very reasonable cost!
Is this covered by insurance?

Cost depends on a patient’s specific problem, the number of joints/problems treated, and the amount of stem cells needed. Unfortunately, insurance does not cover most Regenerative Medicine services at this time.

Our Patient Success Stories

Curious to know how our patients are responding?

Our patients amaze us everyday! Their life-altering results inspire our mission. We think their stories will inspire you to take action.

Hip Pain | Stem Cell Therapy

Josh is a professional fighter and his hip pain was keeping him from performing at his best. He had to sleep with a pillow between his legs at night and couldn’t run for 4 years. Within 1 week post treatment he is back to sparing and no longer has to worry about surgery!

Bone on Bone Knee Pain

With one knee already replaced, Mike wanted to avoid that for his other knee at all costs. He was told he was bone on bone and needed surgery. 3 months post treatment “it was the best thing I ever did!”

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