Is your condition keeping you from doing things that matter the most in life?

 Enjoying the time with your grandkids, traveling the world, hiking the Appalachian Trail?  Your pain not only dictates what you do, but what your family can do too.

Depression can sink not only yourself, but all the loved ones around you.  The chronic pain and overwhelming dependence on others can leave you feeling empty.  

You are worried, stressed out, burned out, feeling like you are just trudging along and not knowing that it’s affecting everyone around you.

You are not alone.  

You are part of a family, a community, a circle of friends who are directly affected by your health.

Overcoming your condition means taking control of your life and regaining your health.

You are telling your husband that you enjoy waking up beside him smiling every morning.  You are telling your daughter that ADD won’t stop her from being valldictorian of her school.  You are telling your son that your back won’t stop you from throwing ball.  You are telling your loved ones around you that you love them back.

Healing starts today!