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Our Patient Success Stories

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Our patients amaze us everyday! Their life-altering results inspire our mission. We think their stories will inspire you to take action.

Stem Cell Therapy | Shoulder Pain | Frozen Shoulder

Garth suffered from extreme pain leading to frozen shoulder symptoms. 6 weeks post treatment the pain is gone and he finally has his ROM back. Something traditional treatments could not offer him.

Chronic Knee Pain & Umbilical Cord Stem Cell Therapy

What do you do when your chronic joint pain is robbing the joy out of your life? You take action! That’s exactly what Paula did! She decided stem cell therapy was right for her. AND a couple months later with zero side-effects, she is now getting back to enjoying the one thing that matters most. Life!

Hip Pain | Stem Cell Therapy

Josh is a professional fighter and his hip pain was keeping him from performing at his best. He had to sleep with a pillow between his legs at night and couldn’t run for 4 years. Within 1 week post treatment he is back to sparing and no longer has to worry about surgery!

Bone on Bone Knee Pain | Stem Cell Therapy

With one knee already replaced, Mike wanted to avoid that for his other knee at all costs. He was told he was bone on bone and needed surgery. 3 months post treatment “it was the best thing I ever did!”

Umbilical Cord Stem Cell Therapy | Migraines | Diabetes | Neuropathy

Russ’s 6 week follow up showed a 50% decrease in migraine symptoms, significant decrease in his blood sugar, and improvements in his diabetic neuropathy! Not only that, but he is decreasing medications he has been on for years!

Shoulder Pain | Frozen Shoulder | Stem Cell Therapy

Working in the equine industry, Jeff was severely limited for 30 years by his chronic shoulder pain with limited range of motion. After receiving umbilical cord derived mesenchymal stem cell therapy “It has CHANGED MY LIFE!”.

Umbilical Cord Stem Cells & Chronic Pain

Regina was suffering from chronic pain living on endless medications. 6 weeks post stem cell therapy she has her life back!

COPD & Umbilical Cord Stem Cell Therapy

Lynn suffered from COPD for 15-20 years. 10 days after receiving umbilical cord stem cells his breathing and quality of life has improved dramatically!

Umbilical Cord Stem Cells & Auto-Immune Disease | Neuropathy | Chronic Pain

Liz suffered from an autoimmune disease, neuropathy, and chronic pain. 6 weeks postr stem cell treatment, her life is completely different!

Umbilical Cord Stem Cells & Chronic Knee Pain

Gina came in with bad knees. She was giving a last option of knee replacements which she refused to do. After stem cell therapy she finally as her life back!

Umbilical Cord Stem Cells & Neck Pain | Plantar Fasciitis

Sharon suffered from chronic neck pain and plantar fasciitis. Within weeks, her pain had decreased 90% and her range of motion has been restored.

Umbilical Cord Stem Cells & Auto-Immune Disease | Lyme

Diane suffered from Lyme, chronic joint pain, and auto immune disease. Her stem cell success is nothing short of amazing!

Umbilical Cord Stem Cells & Bone on Bone Knee Pain

Richard suffered from bone on bone on knee pain. This was his 6 week stem cell follow-up.

Umbilical Cord Stem Cells & Chronic Back Pain | Shoulder Pain | Knee Pain

Ken suffered from old sports injuries. Chronic shoulder, knee, and low back pain. With Stem Cell Therapy, he no longer suffers.

Umbilical Cord Stem Cells & Chronic Knee Pain | Bone on Bone

Jane came to us with chronic knee pain and was told that she was bone on bone in both knees. 4 weeks after getting Stem Cell Therapy she has dramatically less pain and is walking better!

Umbilical Cord Stem Cells & Chronic Back Pain | Chronic Knee Pain

Angela suffered from chronic back and knee pain. Here is her success with Stem Cell Therapy!

Chronic Pain | Diabetes | Weight Loss

Sharon and Richard have come such a long way since they started care in our office. Their lives have completely changed and they are now pursuing dreams they thought would never be possible!


Barbara reversed her neuropathy and is going into the new year a new woman!

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More Success Stories

“Prior to seeking help from the Brain & Body Health Center I had fought excessive weight problems for the last 25 years. I would diet, lose weight and then regain. One day I woke up not feeling just right and decided to test my blood glucose reading. When I discovered it was way too high it shocked me into reality and I decided that I needed to do something about it now. I had been dealing with numbness in my feet for a few years that had progressively been getting worse. I just was not feeling happy or as energetic as I should.

After months of visits and following the program prescribed to me by Dr. Riggleman I have lost nearly 50 pounds from the time I first walked into their office. I can’t say that it has not been challenging because it has but the thing about it is IT HAS WORKED! Not only have I seen weight loss but I have also experienced a reasonable amount of improvement with the neuropathy. While you are going through treatments you also have a tendency of getting to know others who are there for similar problems. So many other clients I have spoken with are also making claims of positive results from their treatments.

One of the best things about being a client of the Rigglemans and their staff is the personal aspect of the involvement they take. Everyone makes you feel like family and they take an honest and personal interest in your progress. (Although the doctors do take a tell it like it is approach with you) they don’t make you feel like a patient in their office but instead make you feel more like friends you are there to visit who will do what they can to help you solve your problems. They dedicate their lives to good health and to helping educate those who ask for it. Their knowledge of proper nutrition is evident just from the way they both look. They are also bringing in and using the newest technology available on the market for the issues they deal with and treat.

I am now within sight of my weight loss objective, am no longer on medication to control my blood glucose and can walk long distances without getting tired or hurting. I feel so much better and will continue with the help of my friends at the Brain & Body Health Center to stay on the same path to ensure I reach my goals.” – Mark A.

“Recently my husband and I moved to Winchester from Northern Virginia. Shortly after our move, I read a way to reduce pain and suffering due to shoulder pain and also alleviate unnecessary shoulder surgeries. I have had one rotator cuff surgery prior to our move and was to schedule the other as soon as possible. At this point both shoulders were giving me constant pain and I was intrigued by the thought of avoiding another surgery since the first one did not leave me “pain free” even after 4 months of painful physical therapy.  I was also dealing with fibromyalgia that had been diagnosed 20 years ago, as well as 3 fractured vertebrae in my lower back. Skeptical of chiropractic care and yet tired of cortisone shots, another surgery, and prescribed painkillers, I decided to have the examination.

I was amazed at the thorough examination that I received. During the exam, Dr. Riggleman explained exactly what he was doing and why. He also patiently answered my numerous questions.  When I returned for the in-depth consultation I was amazed at his findings and suggestions of how he could help me return to the best health possible – without surgery!  After just one week of treatment I had stopped taking my fibromyalgia painkillers and was feeling less pain, more rested and in general more like my “old self.”  It has been just two months and I continue to feel better and have regained lost strength.  I look forward to Dr. Riggleman’s continued treatments, and the prospect of returning to an optimal state of health.” – Linda L.

“I weighed 348lbs, and was suffering from high blood pressure and back spasms. I also had rib pain from a previous surgery where two ribs were broken in a fall. I have seen many doctors but no one could help me. I came to the Brain & Body Health Center as my last resort hoping that Dr. Riggleman could help me.

Now, I am feeling great at my weight of 260lbs. My blood pressure is normal so no more blood pressure pills! Back spasms are gone. Rib pain has improved greatly and I have much more mobility. The quality care works!

They get results and the medical care is beyond exceptional! You gave me my life back! Thank you so much! “ – Roger S.

“I came to see Dr. Evan Riggleman because I had severe low back pain (2 herniated discs), neck pain, and tired of walking with a cane and taking pain medications. I now feel 150% better than when I came in the first time! This treatment gave me my life back. I went from using a cane every day to now working out at a gym! Get in here!” – Martin S.

“I’ve searched for about 8 years to find a cause and cure for neuropathy in my feet – burning, pins and needles, and pain. I’ve been tested for every logical cause. Although diet was mentioned by one doctor, I doubted the possibility as I didn’t have digestive issues. I’ve visited numerous doctors trying all types of therapy, including acupuncture, purchasing a dozen various orthotics, and resorting to Neurontin medication to mask the pain.

A few months ago, Brain & Body Health Center found and proved to me with testing that I have an auto-immune disorder caused by gluten intolerance! Ironic that I’ve owned a local bakery for over 30 years! Although it’s been quite difficult radically changing my diet and spending time completing new therapies to heal my body and brain, it’s definitely been worth it! After a couple of months, I completely stopped taking the Neurontin. I now only hit a pain level of 5 at the worst where it would have been unbearable missing medication. I continue to have less and less pain and the “brain fog” is starting to lessen.

I’ve been trying new recipes that I will use in my bakery that are gluten-free (and even vegan). I’ll be helping those who have to and those who chose to go gluten-free enjoy goodies to satisfy their sweet tooth!

I would definitely recommend the Brain & Body Health Center and their caring staff!” – Joyce M.

“I came to see Dr. Erica Riggleman because of severe pain in my back and I was on a lot of pain medication. Since I have started, I am no longer on pain medication and am doing a lot better! Give it a chance, it does work!” – Jean K.

“Prior to treatment, I was experiencing pain from my lower back all the way down my leg and to my feet. After the treatments, I feel so much better! It took care of my pain in my legs and in my feet as well. I would most certainly give Dr. Riggleman a try if you are experiencing the same issues I was experiencing.” – Donald F.

“Before I came to see Dr. Riggleman I had consistent right knee pain and wore a brace every day. Which made it very difficult at my job working on a concrete floor. My right knee pain is free and I know longer wear my brace. I can work and walk with no knee pain. The doctors and staff are very friendly and knowledgeable and the work well together. The laser treatments did not h hurt at all. I am very glad I came here.” – Allan C.

“I was experiencing shoulder pain due to calcium deposits near the rotator cuff. Although this treatment is probably unconventional for this diagnosis, there was a substantial reduction in pain in my shoulder after the FAR infrared and laser treatments from Dr. Riggleman. I am now relatively pain free in this shoulder compared to how it was prior to my treatments. I would encourage others to have an open mind about possible treatments even though they may not be the same as you would get from conventional doctors. Try them and they may turn out to be helpful!” – Roger W.

“This has been a great experience for me the last 3 months. When I started treatment with Dr. Riggleman my knee were in a lot of pain. With the treatment, change of diet, taking supplements, etc, I have greatly decreased the knee pain. Lost weight and just feel so much better- physically and mentally. This is a life changing plan for me and I will continue to follow the diet plan to make my life more enjoyable in the future.” – Kay M.

“Prior to coming to see Dr. Riggleman, my knees hurt on a daily basis especially going up and down stairs. I am now able to walk stairs, mow my lawn, and going out walking around without near as much pain. I feel better and overall healthier. Try these amazing treatments before you get cut on.” – William H.

“I came to see Dr. Riggleman seeking pain relief in my knees. For 12 years, and after 3 surgeries, I had daily pain and stiffness in my knees. Within a month of treatment, I noticed decreased stiffness and less pain. After another few weeks of treatment, I began to have days of no pain or stiffness. I would strongly recommend anyone that has pain or stiffness in their knees to visit Dr. Riggleman, especially if they want to continue an active lifestyle with less discomfort. The staff was friendly and helpful, and the treatment plan was clearly explained and pain free. I assumed I would always have pain and stiffness for the rest of my life but I am happy to say that thanks to Dr. Riggleman, I won’t!” – Andy C.

“I was experiencing constant pain in my lower back. It was very difficult to bend over to even put on socks & shoes. I was unable to sleep due to the pain. I saw an orthopedic doctor and he diagnosed me with deterioration and compression in my spine. Four week of PT yielded no relief at all.

Now, I feel so much better. I am able to sleep, bend, and the pain has been relieved! When doing strenuous work and heavy lifting, I experience very little if any discomfort with no lasting effects. I’m now able to do everything I need to do without discomfort from cleaning to yard work, and even cutting wood! This treatment is so effective! It is so worth the time and investment to regain function again! I’d recommend everyone who has back pain to get an evaluation at minimum and try this therapy!” – Gary F.

“Before coming for treatment, I had severe pain in my lower back and had very limited mobility. Now I have no back issues at all. I can walk farther and do more work much easier! This is totally worth doing and a much better alternative than back surgery. I highly recommend this treatment.” – James S.

“Before coming to the Brain & Body Health Center, I was dealing with knee pain and weakness in my knee. Post treatment, my knee pain has been erased and I have much more confidence that my knee will not give out, especially when going down the stairs. Make an appointment with Dr. Riggleman. The treatment is customized and designed especially for each individual and it is painless!” – Connie H.

“I was having trouble walking and couldn’t really bend my knees to get out of the car. I saw a difference after my second laser treatment. I highly recommend this treatment.” – Orpha L.

“Since starting treatment with Dr. Erica Riggleman, I have seen a vast improvement in my leg/knee pain. I have been doing the cold laser therapy, even for only a month and now has brought relief to my daily activities. I no longer wake at night with pain radiating down my leg or pain after doing an intense workout. I admit I was skeptical at first that anything would ease my constant pain, but I can sincerely say that starting this treatment was the best decision I could have made! I highly recommend this to anyone who lives with daily knee pain!” – Yvonne L.

Disclaimer: Like all medical procedures, Stem Cell Therapy has a success and fail rate. Patient reviews and testimonials on this site should not be interpreted as a statement on the effectiveness of our treatments for anyone else.