Chronic joint pain is no joke. It’s estimated 50 million Americans suffer from chronic joint pain. We already know what the “standard of care” for this ailment is no matter if its your back, your knees, shoulders, or even hips. We start with drugs that all have damaging side effects. Pain medication is responsible for the opiate epidemic! Drugs are simply band-aids. That’s it. They clearly do not fix the problem.

After the drugs come the cortisone injections. Cortisone is a catabolic steroid. The word catabolic is a fancy was of saying they break down your tissues. It’s crazy when you think about it because you get these things to help your pain but in fact they are making your condition worse as they continue to accelerate this degenerative condition that you are dealing with. They do not regenerate your tissues. In fact, they do the exact opposite!

Because drugs do not fix the problem and cortisone continues to make our problems worse. We eventually get to the inevitable… surgery and replacements. I don’t know too many people who want to go through with this; so naturally people are looking for alternatives and quite frankly I don’t blame them!

We are now living in a world where science, research and technology is changing every industry around us and medicine is no different. Medicine is benefiting from technology and thus the use of regenerative therapies has emerged as an extremely safe and effective alternative to the outdated answers we typically get for chronic pain.

Simply put, regenerative therapies help target the core of degeneration. Not the symptoms it causes. In other words, they help to reduce inflammation, modulate the immune system (balance the immune system), reduce scar tissue, and regenerate your tissues. And this is the foundation of regenerative medicine. You will never be able to heal tissue if you don’t eliminate inflammation in the first place.

It’s not too good to be true as some would like to think. We are simply living in a time now where medicine is benefiting tremendously from technology. As medicine evolves, so does rules and regulations. Regenerative medicine is now emerging at the forefront of medical innovation and chronic pain suffers are now hopeful more than ever.

So, can regenerative therapeutics help you? Maybe. You can call to see if you qualify for a complimentary consultation at 540-678-1212. But I will leave you with this. Regenerative therapeutics is the only thing on planet earth that has the potential to help you avoid surgery and get your life back!